Patents Granted
• Method for isolation of lignin from lignocellulosic biomass in acidic deep eutectic solvent through organic solvent extraction. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201811019330. Patent No. 474687. Inventors: S. Elumalai, Sandeep Kumar, V. Ahluwalia.
• Processes for development of tomato based Swaad-e-Seasoning, Tomaco spice-mix and TomZesty Fizz. Patent Appl. No. 201911011404. Patent No. 448598. Inventors: Yadav SK, Mehta D
• A simple method for extracellular production of high purity C-phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201811050007. Patent No. 440905. Inventors: Yadav SK, Purohit A, Kumar V.
• Facile, green and high yielding process to synthesize lignin nanocarriers and evaluation of their functional properties thereof. Indian Patent Appl. 201911011852. Patent No. 445568. Inventors: Bhaumik J, Thakur NS, Paul S.
• A process for production of xylose, levulinic acid and lignin from spent aromatic biomass. Indian Patent Appl. 201911013540. Patent No. 434428. Inventors: Mishra BB, Singh M, Dwivedi P, Pandey N
• A process for magnetic particle immobilization of Smt3-d-psicose 3-epimerase enzyme and post-reaction recovery and recycled use of the immobilized enzyme for production of D-psicose from biomass or bioresource or agro-industrial products or residues, and uses of the same. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201611044752; Patent No. 431979. Inventors: Singh SP, Sangwan RS, Patel SN, Singhal N.
• A process for production of fructooligosaccharides and levan from plant biomass or fully or partially processed products or by-products or residues by employing levansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroids MTCC10508, and uses thereof. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201811000595, Indian Patent No. 42424. Inventors: Singh SP, Jadaun JS, Narnoliya LK
• Development of nutritional whey-based sweet lime beverage (whey-lime) using high pressure processing. Patent Appl. No. 201711039578. Patent No. 396150 Inventors: Bansal V, Yadav SK.
• Novel process for the production of off odour/off flavour free protein hydrolysate from maize gluten meal and uses thereof. Patent No. 417417. Patent Appl. No. 201811048486. Inventors: Krishania M,Singh U, Dalveer, Gisha.
• Hydrolytic enzyme producing microbes based process for the production of glucose from the supernatant obtained upon the dilute acid pretreatment of agro¬biomass and uses thereof. Patent Appl. No. 201711006024. Patent No. 416261 Inventors: Yadav SK, Manisha, Sangwan RS.
• A process for chemical free production of special premium pectin, named neopectin, from diversified bioresources. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201711021690. Patent Number: IN 382314. Inventors: Sangwan RS, Sharma M, Patel SN, Singh U, Singh SP, Yadav SK, Sandhu PP
• A novel method for production of turanose from sucrose biomass. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201911007403. Indian Patent no. IN 381027. Inventors: Singh SP, Agarwal N
• Simple and one-pot processes to develop polypyrrolic compounds in scalable manner and development of their nano formulations through encapsulation or conjugation forming photosynthetic nanopigments for light harvesting applications thereof . Patent Appl. No. 201811044076. Patent No. 374672. Inventors: Bhaumik J, Reddy YN, Thakur NS, and Chandna S
• Natural and scented tartaric acid from rose-scented geranium biomass and hydrodistillation residual water. Patent Appl. No. 1487/DEL/2015. Patent No. 368414. Inventors: Sangwan RS, and Singh U
• A process for the production of prebiotic oligosaccharides and nearly zero calorie functional sugar from cane molasses, and uses of the same. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201611016793. Patent Number 366820. Inventors: Singh SP, Sangwan RS, Sharma M, Patel SN, Krishania M, Singh U, Lata K
• A process for biotransformation of banana pseudostem extract into a functional juice enriched with prebiotic carbohydrate biomolecules. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201711009819; Patent No. IN 360411. Inventors: Singh SP, Sharma M, Patel SN, Sangwan RS
• A process for the production of functional biomolecules from by-products of sugar and dairy industries. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201711006155; Patent number: 353513. Inventors: Singh SP, Lata K, Sharma M, Patel SN, Sangwan RS
• A novel method for D-allulose production from D-fructose containing feedstock, and uses thereof. Patent Appl. No. 201811023113. Patent Number: 353054. Inventors: Singh SP, Patel SN
• Process for the production of cellulose nanofibers. Patent No. 350694. Patent Appl. No.201711039715. Inventors: Goswami S, Sharma A, Singh U
• Corn fiber and dairy whey in any form or its derivatives process of its production and uses thereof. Indian Patent application no. 201811000749, Patent no. 348500. Inventors: Krishania M, Sangwan RS, Dalveer, Gisha
• A Process of Withania Somnifera (Ashwangandha) biomass based production of solanesol and uses thereof. Indian Patent No. 347864. Patent Appl. No. 3201/DEL/2015. Inventors: Sangwan RS, and Singh U.
• An improved process for production of food grade 6-O-ascorbyl esters by chemical esterification of L-ascorbic acid with various fatty acids and their simple purification. Indian Patent Appl. No. 201811000397. Indian Patent No. 346078. Inventors: Mishra BB, Dwivedi P, Pandey N, Singh M, Ahluwalia V, Sangwan RS.
• A process for the production of nearly zero calorie sweet sugar from fruit or vegetable plants, plant parts and their extracts and residues, and uses of the same. Patent Appl. No. 201611003411. Inventors: Singh SP, Sangwan RS, Patel SN, Sharma M, Singh U, Kumar V. Indian Patent no. 333203
• Process method for production of levulinic acid from agri-residue waste in single-pot reactor setup. Patent Appl. No. 201711010199. Inventors: S. Elumalai, R.S. Sangwan, Sandeep Kumar, V. Ahluwalia and P. Kundu. Indian Patent no. 331213
• A Process of fragrance improvement of citronella essential oil by its enrichment with rose oxide and a process of production of rose oxide and uses thereof. Patent Appl. No. 201611009275. Inventors: Mishra BB, Singh U, Sangwan RS. Patent no. 323241
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