Research Interest:

• Chemical Engineering, Process Design, Project Engineering. Nanotechnology, Biopolymers, Fermentation Technology including upstream and downstream processing.

Professional Experience:

Jan 2021 to till date : Scientist -F

2015 to Dec2020 : Associate Plant Manager- Research and Innovation (Scientist E), CIAB, Mohali.
2010 to 2015 : Scientist, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
2008 to 2009 : Consultant, Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Baroda.
2006 to 2008 : Technical Consultants, MICROFERMATECH, Polpharma, Poland.
2004 to 2006 : Head- Process & Product Development, Torrent Gujarat Biotech Ltd.
2002 to 2004 : Consultant, Liquor India, Hyderabad.
1999 to 2002 : Deputy General Manager, Krebs Bio chemicals, Vizag.
1997 to 1999 : Plant Manager, Kopran Drugs Private Ltd, Mumbai.
1995 to 1997 : Assistant. Manager (Production), MAX-Gb LTD, Ropar.
1993 to 1995 : Process Engineer, SPIC Pharma, Chennai.
1990 to 1993 : Process Engineer, Arthemis, Hyderabad.

Academic Qualification (Undergraduate Onwards)

2014 : Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur.
1989 : B.Tech in Food Technology & Biochemical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Summary of teaching and research:

Guided Post Doc Research : 6
PhD awarded : 1
Current Ph.D Research Scholars : 3
M.Tech Students Supervised: 2
B.Tech Students Supervised : 28
Technology Developed in CIAB : 5
Research Papers : 20
Patent Filed : 5
Patent Granted : 2
Conferences /Seminar attended : 28
Teaching and Research Experience : 12 years
Industrial Experience : 20 years

Current activities at CIAB:

Research and Development:

• To prepare cellulose acetate nanocomposite film reinforced with nanocellulose
• Scale up for cellulose nanocrystals from Rice straw
• Preparation of cellulose nanocrystals from Broom grass (Thysanolaena maxima)
• Technology development and process up-scaling of nanocellulose production from algal biomass residues- a potential alternate green source (algae)
• Value added utilization of industrial apple waste for the co-extraction of cellulose and pectin for various applications
• Fermentative Production of Biopolymer
• Pilot Plant Set up

Membership in Professional Societies

• Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, FIE, Institution of Engineers (India)
• Chartered Engineer, Institution of Engineers (India)
• Biological Engineering Society of India
• American Institute of Chemical Engineering


• Member of the scrutiny committee AICTE (Northwest Zone), Govt. of India.
• Paper setter and Examiner of M. Tech in NIFTEM, (Ministry of Food Processing Industries, GOI) Sonepat, Haryana.
• Paper setter of B.Tech course of Panjab University.
• Nominated in the list of experts for the development of Model curriculum for undergraduate courses of (BE/BTech- Bio Engineering) of NITs.
• Adjunct Associate Professor of RCB (Regional Centre for Biotechnology)


Technology Developed in CIAB: 5

1. Process development of nanocellulose biopolymer production from rice straw, its characterization, Dispersibility, derivative design and stability design.
2. Preparation of cellulose nanocrystals from Thysanolaena maxima, its biocomposite design for application in environmental pollution control.
3. Scale-up and process development for algal nanocellulose preparation and its derivative design
4. Process for the production of environment-friendly guar gum based novel nanocomposites impregnated with nanocellulose and method of synthesis thereof
5. Value added utilization of industrial apple waste for the co-extraction of cellulose and pectin for various applications

Peer reviewed journals: 22

• Recent Five Research Papers:

1. Garg, R., Rana, H., Singh, N., & Goswami, S. (2023). Guargum/nanocellulose based novel crosslinked antimicrobial film with enhanced barrier and mechanical properties for food packaging. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 11(2), 109254.
2. Anjana, Shristhi Rawat,, Saswata Goswami. “In-silico analysis of a halophilic bacterial isolate-Bacillus pseudomycoides SAS-B1 and its polyhydroxybutyrate production through fed-batch approach under differential salt conditions”. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (2022). DOI :10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2022.12.190
3. Anjana, Gaurav Raturi, Shweta Shree, Amita Sharma, Parmjit S. Panesar, Saswata Goswami. “Recent approaches for enhanced production of microbial polyhydroxybutyrate: Preparation of biocomposites and applications”. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 182, 1650–1669, 2021
4. Sharma, Amita, Tamal Mandal, and Saswata Goswami. "Fabrication of cellulose acetate nanocomposite films with lignocelluosic nanofiber filler for superior effect on thermal, mechanical and optical properties." Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects, 25, 2021, 100642
5. Tiwari, O. N., Bhunia, B., Chakraborty, S., Goswami, S., & Devi, I. “Strategies for improved production of phycobiliproteins (PBPs) by Oscillatoria sp. BTA170 and evaluation of its thermodynamic and kinetic stability”. Biochemical Engineering Journal, (2019), 145, 153-161

Patent granted:

1. Process for production of cellulose nanofibers. Application number: 201911016698
2. A process for production of improvised thermoplastic starch and its derivatives from rice straw derived nanocellulose. Application number:201911016698

Book Chapters: 3

1. Goswami S., Sharma A., Anjana and, Bhattacharya M. (2021) Book Chapter: “Pullulan films and natural compounds: applications and perspectives “Biopolymer based nanofilm: Applications in Food Packaging and Wound Healing, Pages 19-41.
2. Goswami S., Raval K., Anjana and, Bhat P. (2021). Wiley Book Chapter: “Recent Trends in Conventional and Nonconventional Bioprocessing” in Bioprospecting of Microorganism-Based Industrial Molecules, ISBN: 9781119717317.
3. Agricultural and Environmental Nanotechnology: Innovations and Perspectives”, being published from Cambridge Publishers “Value Additive Strategies towards Secondary Agro-waste utilization: The Contribution to Global Bioeconomy and Green Environment” (2020), Goswami S., Sharma A., Thakur M., Anjana and, Rana H.

Conferences/Symposium/ Workshop: 26

Oral presentation by students: 5


• Industrial Projects:

Extraction of nanocellulose and development of composites using biodegradable materials” By Reliance Industries Ltd., For Rs. 50 lakh for one year (approx.). Concluded in August, 2022.

• DST Project:

Title:Agro-biomass derived lignin based low -cost, water -resistant, self-cleaning nano films under Technology Development Programme of DST. Approx.60lakh (continuing).

• DBT Center of Excellence project:

Title: Lignin valorization via biomaterial development, depolymerization and green technology, for 3 years approx. 4 crores.

International Project Evaluation: 3

1. Proposal number: 1201656 Submitted by: Maria Graciela Aguayo Palma Tittle: Cellulosic Fibers Functionalization Using Nanoparticles to Papermaking: Characterization and Properties Toward Packing Industry Applications.
2. National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) and a suggestion provided by the ENGINEERING 1 Study Group. FONDECYT is the main Chilean funding agency for scientific and technological research, an initiative of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT-Chile).
3. Project number 19MRP0051 and titled “Advanced Biocomposites Originated from food waste Processing submitted by Dr. Adriana Kovalcik (previous name Gregorova), Associate Prof. (Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Food Chemistry and Biotechnology) evaluation. Brno University of Technology, Slovak Academy of Science Stefanikova 49, 814 38 Bratislava 1 ,Slovak Republic


ACADEMIC: 2010- 2015:

Scientist in the Department of Biotechnology, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi

Teaching Load:
Classes for both the undergraduate (B.E.) and postgraduate (M.Tech) curriculum.
Guided several undergraduate and post graduate projects also as mentioned below.

(Theoretical) Subjects taught:
In undergraduate curriculum
Chemical Engineering, I, Chemical Engineering II, Chemical Engineering III, Biotechnology Management, Bioprocess and Bioreactor Plant Design.

In Under-Graduation: Chemical Engineering practical.
In Post-Graduation: Bioprocess and Bioreactor Plant Design.